Thursday 22 October 2015

Beginner Sewing: Class 2!

I am learning a lot more than I thought I would learn in this class. I also got tea and cookies. If you are near a little sewing shop that offers sewing class, go just for this amount of cuteness. This is my first ever time using a pattern, so I knew that I would learn a lot around that, but I am learning about fabrics, direction of the grain, little tips and tricks, and most importantly the steps that should be taken to create a good garment.
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In this class we learned how to identify if a fabric is straight, how to figure out what pattern pieces you need, how to lay them out, how to pin them and cut out the fabric. I also learned how to alter the waistline so that the skirt will fit both my hips and my waist with a french curve, which I have a feeling I will need regularly for patterns. I have decided to line my skirt, but do not want to buy lining, so I'm using a crepe material that I have kicking around. Side note: If I ever mention that I have fabric kicking around, it's because I went shopping at a sale with big ideas and no plans. In this case I am using more of a fabric that I used for a maxi-skirt that I got at $3/metre. The fabric that I am using for the skirt is actually a wool fabric, which is awesome.

Here are the most useful things that I learned:
  1. Make sure that your fabric is not stretched. This is done by folding the fabric so that the selvedge edges are together, and make sure they line up nicely.
  2. If you are not comfortable with cutting your pattern paper, trace it onto something else first and use that to pin to the fabric. I figure if I change sizes much I can just add or subtract inches all the way around, I would likely change sizes proportionally.
  3. Make sure to pin inside of the lines that you are cutting so you keep the pattern pinned to the fabric and don't accidentally cut one in half and dull your scissors.
  4. Ensure that you cut along the grainline so your piece doesn't twist and pull in weird ways.
  5. Double check before you cut (measure twice, cut once).

I got to use my fancy new tracing paper and wheel to cut the lining of the skirt, I think I might use that method a lot going forward - it is fun! Also, there are instructions and glossaries on the pattern (inside the envelope), so keep an eye out for those and keep them on hand. My sewing teacher gave us a copy of a generic one, which I am sure I will put to good use.

I know I said I would have pictures, but I lost my camera and just plain forgot to take phone pictures. Hopefully next time!

This week we get to bring our sewing machines, which I am very excited about. 

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