Thursday, 8 October 2015


Hi Everyone!

Welcome to my blog! I'm going to start by giving you some details about myself and why I started this blog.

This is me on my wedding day
I do not consider myself a creative person by nature. I like math and logic and organizing, but ask me for ideas, to draw something or anything else that requires thinking outside the box and I struggle. Despite this, I've always like doing crafts. I like sewing, knitting, making home decor things (I think, I haven't done much of that yet). My ultimate goal is to be able to knit while reading a book like my Oma does. I like Pinterest ideas and copying things that I see on other blogs, but it would be nice to one day be able to come up with ideas on my own to do. 

My inspiration for most projects
To kick off this blog, I'm going to talk about the sewing class that I am starting this evening at a small sewing shop around the corner from my apartment that specializes in quilting. The class is just a beginner sewing class where we learn to sew a skirt. I am going to choose a pattern for a pencil skirt that I can hopefully wear to the office. Some of the things that I will be learning will be using a pattern, choosing material, using darts, zippers, lining and I'm sure other useful things. 
This is a bit what I had in mind
I would love for you to follow along on my adventures as I learn to sew, as well as tackle other projects and discuss the going-ons in my life.

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  1. What a sweet little blog, Amanda. I really enjoyed going through it and seeing your sewing adventure thus far!