Friday 29 April 2016

My Bad


So, it turns out regular blogging does not really fit into my life right now. BUT, I am not giving up. I still intend to sew and take pictures and share my new knowledge, it just will not be on a regular basis. Here are 3 reasons why:
I'm super attractive when I play sports, I know.

1. I play too many sports

One of my favourite things to do right now is play ultimate frisbee, basketball, and flag football. If I could fit in more sports, I would. I am also running and swimming when I can. As you can imagine, this takes up some prime sewing time and energy. I want to get into the best shape that I can before I start having children (which won't be for at least a few years), because I know once I become a mother I will have even less time and energy. I also want to be as healthy as possible, and sports is an enjoyable way to achieve that.

2. Work interferes

This is a point for 2 reasons: a) I am on the computer all day at work and therefore less inclined to spend an evening on it as well and b) Work takes priority. Sometimes work is really busy and I work more than the usual 40 hours, and have no left over energy for anything else. I also cannot write blog posts at work, so putting in the time evening and weekends is required.
Took in the skirt I made last year so it fits again

3. Pictures

I don't have a really nice camera, I don't have any good friends who are photographers who would like to go cool places to take cool pictures, and I don't own a tripod. This means that pictures of my creations are hard to come by, and there isn't much point to posting creations without any pictures. I will figure this out at some point, but I haven' yet.

Moral of the story, I will keep sewing and eventually figure out a way to make blogging work. For now, sporadic posts will have to do.

For now, here are some pictures of what I've been up to lately:

Took in an Old Navy pair of pants so the waist fits

Made a nursing cover for a friend who just had a baby

Also made her burp cloths from some super awesome fabric

Finished a sewing class where I learned to make a button up shirt. Hopefully the next one will actually fit me.

Spit catchers, also for babies. I love baby sewing.