Thursday, 30 June 2016

Bathingsuit Bottoms

Since I wanted to get my money's worth from my sewing class, I wanted to do something related to bathing suits. Since I had already used up my imaginary sewing pattern budget for the month, I decided to try out the free pattern from The Sewing Rabbit, since she is close to the same size as me. After sewing up the bottoms, I discovered she is a bit smaller than me, but they worked out alright anyway.

I was going to post a picture of my wearing them, but chickened out. This way you can see the mistakes a bit more clearly anyway, and maybe one day I will be comfortable posting a picture of myself in a bathingsuit on the blog. It is another fun bright colour article of clothing from me.

Material: bought off a lady off Kijiji for cheap
Modifications: None
Learning: Bathing suits are less intimidating than I originally thought! I didn't really need any new skills, although I did learn that you barely stretch the elastic for the front part of the bathing suit bottoms, but stretch it a lot around the rear. Also, just because the elastic fits around your waist, doesn't mean it's long enough, too tight elastic is uncomfortable (kind of knew that and ignored it, will not ignore again).
Overall Impression: These were pretty good for a free pattern off the internet. I'm glad I made them and got to try them out, because it made me decide that I am not particularly fond of high-waisted bikini bottoms on me, so I don't need to buy them or make myself another pair.

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