Monday 20 June 2016

Lycra Sewing Class

I took another sewing class! Usually I take them with Ally, but this time around she was busy, so I bravely took it alone. It was technically supposed to be a swimsuit sewing class, but the teacher said that sewing activewear was fine, as long as it was with a spandex-type fabric. I picked this pattern from kwik sew and decided to make both the leggings and the tank top with fabric that I picked up off a lady on Kijiji who was getting rid of a lot of her sewing stash.

I am really excited at the concept of having leggings that stay up. Also, at having really loud leggings, because they are awesome. This is the only piece that I managed to complete in the 3 week sewing class (one evening per week), but I also started a tank top, bathing suit bottoms and a sports bra (in matching fabric so I'll have a set).


Pattern: Kwik Sew K4163
Material: bought off a lady off Kijiji for cheap
Modifications: Added 8 inches of length, graded out the calves to a size larger, graded out the hips from the waist. After I basted it together I needed to take it in even more at the waist and hips.
Learning: I learned that when sewing with knits it is best to baste everything together and test the fit, how to hem with a twin needle and how to put together pants the right way.
Overall Impression: I really like this pattern and these leggings, and will keep an eye out for spandex so I can make more of them. They certainly get lots of comments, and when I wore them to my Ultimate Frisbee game I was nominated MVP (Most Vibrant Pants). In fact, one of my teammates was wearing sunglasses and said he still couldn't look at me.

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