Saturday 23 July 2016

Athletic Tank Top

This was also something that came out of the sewing class. I ambitiously ended up starting this and the leggings on the first day, intending to do some work at home to get them both done. I did do some work at home, but instead of using the extra time to complete the tank top, I started bathing suit bottoms and a sports bra, and only ended up finishing the leggings. Not a problem, I had the weekend following the class that I could use to finish off the projects. I didn't end up finishing then, but I did eventually, wore it twice and decided I didn't really like it.

Neckbands and I do not get along at all. This is the second one I've installed, and it turned out wonky. I followed the pattern exactly, but it still was too big. The neck hole itself was also too big, so I cut off the neckband and took in around the neckband, cut out a new one and reattached it. It still isn't perfect, but it's better than it was. You can see in the picture below that it's pulling weirdly, and the armbands aren't great either. Also, it is really obvious in these pictures that the pieces by my hips are not even.

Pattern: Kwik Sew K4163
Material: bought off a lady off Kijiji for cheap
Modifications: added 2 inches in length, and fixing the neck.
Learning: Sometimes pattern pictures are wrong, so think things through before blindly following pictures. Also, neckbands suck.
Overall Impression: This pattern was alright, but after making it I decided it's not really my style, it reminds me too much of a gymnast's outfit. I am glad I got the pattern for the leggings though. 

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