Friday 15 July 2016

Frida Shorts

I got accepted as a pattern tester! Woot! These shorts are the recently released Frida shorts by Wardrobe By Me, and the Daisy Dropped Shoulder Blouse, also be Wardrobe By Me. I learned a lot while sewing them, and made about as many mistakes as I usually do, but I'm really happy with the result. These ones are a little higher waisted than the released pattern, and the legs a little larger. Note: The reason I look really flat in the shirt is because I am wearing a sports bra, the only time Ally and I could get together to take pictures was at the field 10 minutes before our Ultimate Frisbee game started.

Funny story about the shirt. The Saturday before I needed to have these done I went to a BBQ with people from my church. I told them excitedly about my sewing adventures (people around me unwillingly hear a lot about sewing, sorry people) and that I was going to make a shirt to go with the shorts before church the following day. In theory, this shirt should take about an hour to sew. In reality, due to copying and tracing and shifting fabric, it took me closer to 5 hours, and I still was only kind of happy with the hem the next day. I still wore it to church, but redid the hem later. My husband made fun of me for staying up until midnight trying to finish a shirt only because I told people I would be wearing it.

PatternFrida Shorts by Wardbrobe By Me (free, for testing)
Material: Free! A sewing shop near me got some fabric dropped off, and then donated it to me and Ally. I bought some yellow cotton for the pocket lining and bias binding. 
Modifications: I grade out the hips 2 sizes and added 2 inches in length to the mid thigh length
Learning: So much on this one. I learned how to do a front fly zipper, make beltloops, attach beltloops to a waistband and how to put together pockets. The instructions in the pattern were clear and concise with pictures that walked me through the process.
Overall Impression: I love these shorts and am super excited to finally have shorts that fit (usually they are too loose around the waist and ride up a lot). If you are looking for a shorts pattern that is versatile enough to dress up for summer evenings or maybe even to wear to work (if you have a flexible work environment like I do), this is definitely a good one to try. I have already started another pair, and have plans to make a pair of pants based off the shorts!

Pattern: Daisy Shirt by Wardrobe By Me (free, so I could model it with my shorts)
Material: On sale for 3.99/meter at Fabricville, I'm still not ready to spend real money on fabric
Modifications: None! I cut a straight 6.
Learning: Not much, although this was my first time sewing a curved hem, and it was a little bit of a disaster. I ended up cutting off the first attempt and redoing the back a bit shorter than I intended. 
Overall Impression: I am happy with the pattern and the fabric and the shirt, but to be honest it's not really my style right now. It was a nice simple shirt pattern to (mostly) make in an evening. 

Final notes: The regular price for the shorts is $11. With the code "summer shorts" you get 30% of your purchase. This is also true for the patterns Daisy, Carma Cami, Wardrobe Builder, Savannah shirt, and Piper BoHo. If you are considering buying any of the patterns, I recommend joining the facebook group Wardrobe By Me Pattern Support. 

Thanks for reading!


  1. Looking great! Love the colour of the shorts :)

  2. You rock, Amanda!!!! Such a great idea starting this blog. I look forward to more posts. :)

  3. I am very impressed. You are very talented, and I would have never guessed that one day you would voluntarily write😛. Look forward to seeing more.