Friday 29 July 2016

Plaid Frida Shorts

I was so excited about my first pair of Frida Shorts, that I immediately started a new pair once I was done. I'm on a roll! I am happy to say I now have 2 pairs of shorts that fit me, which is 2 more than before I started. I thought about pattern matching the plaid, but decided it was not worth the hassle and it isn't that important to me anyway. It turns out that once I started getting clothing that I wear and am proud of, finding time to sew is much easier, because the payoff is so clear. I need to purge my wardrobe so that I have more excuses to sew things. 

The biggest issue that I had was I printed out the final released version of the pattern, where Christina slimmed the legs down, but I forgot to factor in the lack of stretch in my material. To fix this, I just re-cut out the back 2 pieces in a bigger size, and it worked out alright. I was lucky that I had plenty of the fabric, otherwise I would have been in trouble. I used a red cotton for the binding on the waistband and for the pockets, and I really like the surprise pop of colour that often shows when I sit down.

PatternFrida Shorts by Wardbrobe By Me (again!)
Material: $1 per yard from a lady off kijiji (we got a lot of fabric from her), and some left over red fabric from my valentine's day dress
Modifications: I grade out the hips 2 sizes and added 2 inches in length to the mid thigh length, then graded out the back pieces another size
Learning: Since this is my second time making the pattern, I didn't learn a whole lot. These turned out a little better than the last ones in the details, and the next ones will likely be even better!
Overall Impression: I love these shorts too! I was a little apprehensive about how much I would like them with this material, because I'm not that much of a plaid person, and it's a little itchy. The itchiness isn't too bad when I'm wearing them, and I like that the plaid makes them look a little more dressed up. I've already worn them to church and the office (yes, we are allowed to wear shorts), and they get good reviews. 

The top I'm wearing in this picture is an old one from Banana Republic that I bought to wear for my first co-op placement. I do intend to sew one like it in the future though!

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