Sunday, 3 July 2016

Sports Bra, Try 1!

Why just make super colourful leggings, when you can make a matching sports bra to go with it? I barely had enough fabric left to squeeze out the sports bra, and had to do some creative cutting to achieve it, which is why the lining and outer fabric might not match up perfectly. I used leftover fabric from my Charleston dress for the lining, so there was no new fabric required for this project. I once again used a free pattern form The Sewing Rabbit, and it fits me pretty well, I think.

I am very happy with the result. Next time I might lengthen it a bit, and cut the elastic a little bigger, but it stays in place nicely and does what it is supposed to. I'm excited to get into the realm of sewing sports bras and tank tops, because I hate doing laundry and tend to run out of athletic clothing before I can convince my husband to do our laundry (he's really good to me, I know).

Pattern: Free from The Sewing Rabbit (again)
Material: bought off a lady off Kijiji for cheap and left over from another dress
Modifications: None, other than what was required to be able to cut out pieces with my remaining material
Learning: I can make a sports bra! Really though, I didn't need anything new for this one.
Overall Impression: I am really pleased with the pattern, the instructions and the finished product. Time will tell how frequently it will be in my rotation.

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  1. This is pretty. I would call it "The rainbow sports bra" (jkng). I see no reason why a sports bra cannot be practical and pretty at the same time. Carbon38 sports bras is great example of both!