Tuesday 6 December 2016

Marled Grey Boyfriend Cardigan

This one is the real deal and I love it. Not only do I love wearing, but I managed to start it and finish it between work and a late Ultimate Frisbee game, so it took me just under 3 hours. This makes it my cheapest garment yet! (my time is valuable) I got the fabric for 50% off, meaning it cost $15+tax for the 2 metres it took to make it, which is reasonable enough. I really hope this fabric is still around and included when Fabricville has the "buy 1 metre get 2 free" sale, at which point I would buy 6 metres in 3 different colours.

The only differences between this cardigan and the green one are the lack of pattern matching required on this one, and I actually added the pockets. This fabric has some horizontal stretch, but absolutely no vertical stretch, so adding pockets and putting things in them won't stretch it out. I don't have much else to add other than I really recommend this fabric for cardigans (it's this one) because of it's coziness. The girl at Fabricville who cut it for me said she used it for leggings, which might now be on my to do list.

This is my last of the nursery photos, hopefully my next ones will be outside. Thank you once again to Ruth!

PatternLove Notions Boyfriend Cardigan on sale for $5 (USD)
Material: Sweater knit from Fabricville for $7.50/m
Modifications: I added 3 inches to the body and to the sleeves.  I was going to grade out the hips but totally forgot, and since it's open it's not a big deal.
Learning: Nothing new!
Total Cost: $15 +tax for fabric, pattern was factored in for the last one = $17.25

My super awesome photo bomber

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