Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Christmas Gifts

I have been a little radio silent lately because all my sewing energy in the weeks leading up to Christmas was devoted to sewing presents. I spent Christmas in Ottawa with my husband's family, and decided to make my sisters-in-law and mother-in-law the Boyfriend Cardigan from Love Notions. You may remember this pattern from the two that I made a couple months ago, the grey and the green ones, and how I bragged how quick it was to sew. When you commit to making 7 of them, it no longer feels quick. I was originally not going to exchange gifts with my sisters/mom, but we changed our minds about 3 weeks before Christmas, which is why it's 7 cardigans and not 4.

I would have gotten all 7 done if not for coming down with the flu 3 days before we left for Ottawa. Unfortunately, that means that mom still hasn't gotten hers, but it is in progress. I don't have much more to say about them, other than they got great reviews from the receivers, which is why I was willing to put so much time and effort into them in the first place. They've even been getting compliments on them! If you sew gifts for other people, I definitely recommend this pattern because the sizing is flexible and it's a quick sew.

I have one more to make, and then I am going to take a really long break from sewing cardigans. I have so many other things I want to get going on that it will be a while before you see one of these popping up again, although I will definitely be making myself one or two more in the future. I love the blue and burgundy colours, but I might try branching out to a different fabric.

PatternLove Notions Boyfriend Cardigan 
Material: Venice knit from Fabricville
Modifications: I actually was able to use the same size and traced pattern that I used for myself for all sisters. This meant that it didn't fit everyone perfectly, but there is a lot of flexibility with the slouch of the pattern. My mother-in-law and mother got their own sizes. 
Learning: Nothing new!

Coming up: Sewing plans for the new year, and learning to use the serger that my wonderful in-laws got me for Christmas! Words are inadequate to describe how excited I am about this gift. 

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