Monday 24 April 2017

Sarah's Half Circle Skirt

It's only fair that after sewing my sister Elysia a skirt, I sew one for Sarah as well. Sarah wanted a black a-line skirt appropriate for work. I thought about buying a pattern to make this, but then I decided that a half circle skirt fit her description. I used the tutorial here and made it over the course of an evening while she was visiting so she could try it on periodically. I'm happy with how it turned out, and she tells me she wears it regularly, so she must like it as well.

The fabric was from the discount area at the back of Fabricville. The outside of the skirt is actually the backside of the fabric, so if Sarah's skirt ever blows up people will get even more of a surprise than they expected, because the other side is black and blue. It's a knit fabric with a bit of stretch, and was super easy to sew with. To be honest, when I picked up the fabric I didn't realize that I was looking at the back side of the fabric, but once I figured it out I had already decided it was the best choice. I have some left over to make something for myself now :)

I really like the amount of fullness of a half circle skirt, so if I ever start wearing skirts more regularly I will definitely make one for myself.


Pattern: None! Tutorial from It's Always Autumn
Material: A black and blue knit from Fabricville, used the back for the outside
Modifications: None!
Learning: Not much new, I've made a circle skirt before.

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