Tuesday 12 September 2017

Sea-foam Green Leggings!

Ever since I got my serger for Christmas (which I am still excited about), I have been wanting to sew myself leggings. More specifically, out of the leftover fabric from my dress from last summer. I finally printed out and traced the Patterns for Pirates Peg Legs, so now I can start creating as many pairs of leggings as I want. This pattern is super quick, super straightforward, and fits me well.

To get the right size, I ended up blending 3 sizes. My waist and hips are a size L (yay for not needing to grade at the hips!), my thighs are an XL, and my calves are an XXL. I added 1 inch of length at the shorties length, 1 inch at the bike shorts length, and 1/2 inches at the capri length. I haven't yet tried an ankle length pair to see how accurate this is, but I like where everything hits me in the capri pair. Adding a bit of length when I make a full length pair would be easy anyway.

There is a robust extension pack available for this pattern, and while I wasn't ready to use it for this pair, I will definitely be using it for future pairs. I especially like the side panel with pocket (I have a pair of Victoria's Secret leggings with this feature, and I love it), since I can use up more different fabrics and it gives me a bit more flexibility with cutting. I might give the gusset a try for athletic leggings, and the waistband pocket would be great for a key (for example, the key to the house I just bought and moved into!)

I still love this fabric, but it is not the best for leggings. I can see my cellulite when wearing them, so they are not quite structured enough. I wore these to a spin class to see how to would go for exercise, and they are not great - they don't breathe at all, and my sweat was super visible (it was quite gross). So these will be primarily lounge leggings, I can wear them as athleisure, but not for intense athletics. I just need to decide whether the make a sports bra, a lounge bra/crop top, or just a shirt from the rest of the fabric. They might be alright for side panels for another pair of leggings as well.


PatternPatterns for Pirates Peg Legs (Free when you join their facebook group!)
Material: Scuba knit from Fabricville, leftover
Modifications: Graded out for my leg muscles (genetics and sports combine for a lot of weight in my lower half), added 2.5 inches overall in length
Learning: I can now start making leggings! It will likely now take me an hour or two per pair, I just need to figure out the best fabric.

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