Monday 9 October 2017

Athletic Lago Tank

As soon as I saw this fabric in Fabricville, I knew I needed to use it for a tank top. It's the perfect colour, and clearly an athletic fabric of some sort. I used the Lago Tank pattern from Itch to Stitch again, and I've already gotten wear out of it. It's not my favourite, the fabric isn't as breathable as I would like, and it's heavy enough that if I do any exercise inverted it immediately goes over my head. That being said, it's great for cycle-commuting or lounging and pretending that I'm going to exercise, but in reality I just watch television or read and clean the apartment.

The neckband and armbands turned out well, this fabric had the right amount of stretch for the pattern, which was convenient. I don't have much else to say, this is my fourth iteration of the pattern.

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