Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Piper Dress

The reason I started sewing a few years ago was because I was struggling to find dresses that fit me, and figured learning to sew nice dresses was a better solution for me than spending more money on dresses and getting them tailored. I am still trying to fill up my wardrobe with dresses that fit me, so when Christina from Wardrobe By Me put out the call for testers for the updated Piper Boho Tunic, I jumped - it was the perfect opportunity to add a different dress to my wardrobe. I have used quite a few of her patterns by now, so have a lot of faith in her drafting and cut right into the rayon fabric that I chose for this pattern. Once again, she did not let me down.

Due to the fit/style of this pattern, I chose not to add any length - partly due to laziness, partly because I was happy with it being a bit shorter than drafted, and the loose waist meant that it didn't really matter. I cut a straight size 12, graded out the 16 at the hips. As soon as I got to the point where I could try it on I was in love - the light, drapey floral rayon felt lovely against my skin, and I loved the loose fit. I will likely wear this with a belt for the most part, as I like having a defined waist.

The only problem here was the neckline - I was sloppy with the pattern marking and cutting, so the front of the neckline doesn't sit straight on me. This was 100% my fault though, not the pattern. I might stitch up some of the opening to make it a little more modest because it keeps shifting to the side when I wear it and showing my bra (#floozy).

This dress has already gotten a lot of wear, especially since our hot summer has continued. I think I want to make all my summer dresses in rayon - it's so dreamy to wear, and I don't really notice much wrinkling. On an amusing note, I recently dyed my hair blue, teal and purple, and a woman in Costco got my attention to tell me that this dress matched my hair perfectly and it looked really nice. It turns out I am very consistent with the colour schemes I like.

Thank you Amy for the beautiful pictures - they conveyed the breezy summer vibe I was going for!


Pattern: Piper BoHo Tunic by Wardrobe By Me
Material: Discount rayon from Fabricville - $3/m! I felt like I hit the jackpot on this one
Modifications: Graded out 2 sizes to accommodate my generous derrière
Learning: Take time to properly transfer pattern marking. I know I should know this by now, but clearly I needed a reminder.