Thursday, 30 May 2019

Durango Tank

I wrote this post a year ago, but never took pictures. Now I have made 2 more Durango tanks, so I'll throw in pictures of all 3! They still fit at 30 weeks pregnant, but barely!

I really don't know what magic Adrianna from Hey June Patterns has that makes her patterns so amazing, I just know that somehow her drafting is magic. When this pattern first came out I wasn't super interested in it - I generally like lower-cut tank tops, and I had one that I liked in the lago tank. As versions started popping up I changed my tune - somehow it just works on everyone. I also have starting getting annoyed at how frequently my bra straps end up showing.

To be honest, there is not much to be said about this pattern - I made a straight size 14 based on my high bust, and it fits perfectly. I am thrilled that I didn't have to do any adjustments to the armsythe or shoulders, and that I didn't need to grade out at the hips. I didn't even add length! This is one of the first out of the package patterns that I've made without alterations.

I used some left over fabric from a dress I sewed for my cousin to make this, just in case it didn't turn out well. I have already gone out and bought this same fabric in 3 more colours to make myself more. It's a rayon/spandex blend called "slinky knit" that cost me less than $5/m, and I'm curious as to how long it will last. It is really comfortable to wear when it's hot out, and I am going to exercise in it to see how well it works for that. (Note: Not the best for exercising)


Pattern: Free Durango Tank from Hey June Patterns
Material: Rayon/spandex lightweight knit
Modifications: None at all! Added 2 inches to the purple and mint ones to cover my bump better.
Learning: The way the arm binding is attached is awesome.

Thursday, 23 May 2019

Ogden Cami Adventure

Note: I wrote this last summer and didn't get pictures that I liked for it, so I took a bunch on the mannequin since none of them fit me right now. I gave the purple one mentioned away, so there's no picture of it.

I have wanted this pattern since the first time I saw it. I held off buying it because I have a lot of other patterns I want to make, but when it went on sale late last year I finally decided to purchase it. I have a lot of versions that I want to make, and first up is a beautiful purple discount fabric.

Firstly, my first version doesn't actually fit me. It's my own fault - I should have measured myself more recently to ensure I got the right size, but what's done is done. It does fit the dress form very nicely. I picked up this lovely crepe-like purple fabric for $4/m, and am a little sad that I didn't get a garment I can wear out of it. The whole pattern came together beautifully, and I love how it looks. I thought about buying the same fabric to make a size up, but then I came across another lovely fabric that I liked just as much to use.

Version #2 is also from the discount fabric sections. It's a beautiful teal colour with a lovely drape, and it is surprisingly soft. This was measured at the right size for my bust, but it still doesn't fit super well. I can make it work if I wear the right bra, but I might just give it away. A little background: I have been boxing a few times a week since October (I wrote this last June), and have put on some muscle in my chest, shoulders and back. As a result, some clothing is fitting very poorly. In this case, the bust is the right size, but it's too tight on my chest above my bust. As a result, for my next one, I sized up to a 12 for the straps and above the bust, sized down to a 10 for the bust, and an 8 for the waist.

Version #3 I wanted to make from some leftover gold fabric from an earlier project, but I didn't have enough left for a full cami out of it. I barely squeezed the front piece and straps out of it, made the back and back lining out of some leftover teal fabric, then used leftover purple fabric for the front lining. I accidentally made the straps a bit too long, meaning it's a little more low-cut than I am comfortable with, so it's good for New Years Even or date nights, just not necessarily church (which is where I debuted it, oops). I have gotten a lot of compliments on this shirt already, from the one Sunday I wore it, and it fits!

Version #4 is the fit that I am using going forward, and cranked out in a couple of hours. I love the graphic red print, the length, the drape, everything. This is also from the discount fabric bin, and I have no idea what kind of fabric it is, but it feels lovely and soft. I was clearly in a super red mood when I bought this fabric because I also bought a wine-coloured fabric for another Ogden (pictured further above), and a red jersey and matching lace for a dress (which I used to make a Charleston dress to wear to my sister-in-law's wedding).


PatternOgden Cami by True Bias
Material: All sorts of discount wovens - no more than $4/m
Modifications: Size 12 straps and upper bust, size 10 bust, size 8 waist, added 1.5 inches in length
Learning: I love the technique used for attaching the straps! I want to try a future iteration with tied straps at the shoulders, and a dress version.